Sharing The Soup & Salad Love

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Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin was started in 2014 by Kortney Barnes, a busy parent of three young children.

With an overflowing schedule filled with work, shuttling children to school, play dates and after-school activities, she was desperate for an easier answer to “what’s for dinner?”

After a long day, many of us are either too tired to cook or just don’t want to spend the time in the kitchen away from family or a quiet night relaxing.  On nights like this, it’s easy to grab something fast even though you know it may not be a healthy choice for you or your family.

Believing that there had to be a better way, Kortney started Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin.  To make the easy option for lunch or dinner the better one for you and the people you love!

We’ve partnered with the following companies to provide you with the best product and service available.

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Hungry for more delicious BP&P soup?

Fill your tummy by visiting these local businesses.


At Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin, we are passionate about giving back to the local community and committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment.


Feeding Our Community

Everyone deserves great tasting, wholesome food.  Our passion for food means that we are committed to making an impact on hunger relief in our community by donating 1% of sales to the Oregon Food Bank.

Supporting Local Farmers

From all natural beef to organic kale, we are proud to partner with local purveyors who provide us with the very best ingredients for our naturally delicious soups.

Recycling BP&P Jars & Bags

We use glass jars to package our tasty soups and deliver our meals in reusable bags.  We ask our customers to return these glass jars and reusable bags to BP&P for re-use every week. This helps us cut down on unnecessary waste.

Sustainable Delivery Service

We partnered with Cascade Couriers in Bend, a sustainable delivery service.  They will be peddling around bend delivering our delicious soups by bicycle. Lunch and dinner delivered right to your doorstep! We love that.

We Believe

That all people deserve delicious, organic meals made with locally sourced ingredients; organic, seasonal vegetables and natural meat.