How Do I Change My Order?

When you initially sign up for a Soup-Scription or Soup-Salad-Scription, you will set your preference for either meat or vegetarian soups. Each week, you will receive an email announcing next week’s soup options.

If you decide you would like to try a soup other than the soup preference that you initially chose, you may login to your account and select “modify subscription” to change your preference.

How Do I Suspend My Subscription While On Vacation?

Please login to your account and fill out the “Going on Vacation” form to let us know how long you will be sipping fruity drinks on the beach. Please let us know before Monday at 12:00 pm (noon), the week before delivery. Of course, you will not be charged for weeks that you skip while you are on vacation.  Once you return from vacation, your subscription will automatically resume.


Do You Cater?

Yes! we cater events in Central Oregon. Whether it is a work event, a private party or just an excuse to treat your guests to yummy soups and salads, we offer a number of different catering options. Please email us at bpandthep@gmail.com and we’ll work out the perfect meal for your event!


When Will My Soup-Scription Or Soup-Salad-Scription Be Delivered?


For home or office deliveries, your meals will be delivered during the following times:

Wednesday, 9:00-11:00 am.

Pick Up

For meal pickups, you can swing by your pre-selected pick up location during the following times:

Mother’s Westside (1255 NW Galveston Ave) – Wednesday, 3:45-6:16 pm

Central Oregon Locavore (1216 NE 1st St)Wednesday, 10 am-6 pm

Highland Elementary School (701 NW Newport Avenue)Wednesday, 2-2:30pm

Seven Peaks Schools (19660 Mountaineer Way)Wednesday, 3-3:30pm

What If I Will Not Be At Home Or In My Office During The Delivery Window?

We know you’re busy.  So, if you’re not able to be home on your delivery day, please put a cooler or insulated bag with plenty of ice on your front porch. You may also email us at bpandthep@gmail.com with specific instructions (e.g., leave it with my neighbor, feed it to my dog, etc.).

If you are not in your office on the delivery day, we’ll pop your order in the office fridge.  The “DO NOT TOUCH” sign will have to be provided by you…

Where Will My Soup Be Delivered?

It’s up to you!  You decide whether you want your soup delivered to your home or office or to a convenient pickup location.

You will be prompted to enter these preferences upon purchase of your Soup-Scription or Soup-Salad-Scription.


When And How Often Will You Charge My Credit Card?

Your credit card will be charged each day that you get a delivery. If you have selected to a weekly subscription, your card will be charged weekly. If you have selected an every other week subscription, your card will be charged every other week.

If you have requested to skip a week’s delivery, you will not be charged. Regularly weekly charges will resume the following week.

If I Change My Preference From Vegetarian Soup To Meat Soup For the Week or From Meat Soup to Vegetarian Soup, Will I Be Billed A Different Amount?

Yes, if you change your preference from vegetarian soup to meat soup, you will be charged $1.00 more per quart of soup that week.  If you change your preference from meat soup to vegetarian soup, you will be charged $1.00 per quart less that week.

Please Note – Your subscription will continue based upon your most recent preference selections. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

We’d be sorry to see you go, but if you must…please login to your account and click “cancel subscription”.

Is There A Minimum Order Or Delivery Fee?

There is no minimum order, just a $5.00 delivery fee. If you are in an office with at least two other customers, the delivery fee will be waived.

How do I update my credit card information?

Go to My Account page and scroll to the “My Payment Methods” section.  Click the red X to delete the current card.  Then go through the normal checkout process (add a Soup-Scription and any add-ons to the cart and checkout) to add a new credit card.


Do You Have Gluten Free Soups?

All of our soups are gluten free and we operate out of a gluten free kitchen. If you have gluten sensitivity, please select the gluten-free bread baked by Honest Baking.

Do You Have Dairy Free Soups?

A dairy free soup will be available each week. The dairy free option will rotate between meat and vegetarian soups. Sadly, there will not always be a vegan soup selection.

Do You Offer Ingredients And Nutritional Information For Your Soups?

Yes, the ingredients and nutritional information for each week’s soups will be included in our weekly newsletter.


How Do I Order A Gift?

Nutritious meals delivered to your doorstep make the perfect gift!  Under the “Soup-Scriptions” tab, select “Gift”.

Give the gift of either a Soup-Scription or a Soup-Salad-Scription.  You will choose the flavor, size of soup, and duration of the subscription.  Lastly, you’ll enter in the  name of the lucky recipient , email address, delivery address (if applicable) and a gift message and we will do the rest!

Why Do We need this information about the recipient?

We’d love to know the gift recipient’s name so that we can address them personally! We need to know their email address so that we can send them newsletters containing information about upcoming soup options for their Soup-Scription or Soup-Salad-Scription. Their physical address will be used if you have selected the delivery option. The gift message area is optional. We wanted to give you an opportunity to share a personalized note for the lucky recipient.

Can gift recipient make changes to their order?

Of course! The gift recipient can contact us directly at bpandthep@gmail.com to change their order to satisfy their soup and salad cravings.


Where Do You Source the Produce And Meat?

Whenever possible, our produce comes from local, organic farmers.

We order our produce from Agricultural Connections who source their organic produce from local farms including:

– Cinco Estrellas (Junction City)

– DD Ranch (Terrebonne)

– Mycological Natural Products (Eugene)

– Good Earth Farms (Bend)

– Rainshadow Organics (Terrebonne)

We source our meat from the following purveyors:

– Draper Valley Chicken (organic, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no GMOs and 100% vegetarian diet)

– Carlton Farms Pork (all-natural, no artificial flavors or chemicals)

– Country Natural Beef (no GMOs, raised naturally on self-sustaining family ranches)

How Do I Recycle My Soup Jars?

Help us go green!  Wash your containers and lids with soap and water, then dry and return them to us.

Home Delivery Customers

Please leave your clean, empty jars in your soup cooler on your next delivery day.

Pickup Customers

Please return your clean, empty jars to your pickup location on your next pickup day.

Office Delivery Customers

Please work out a drop spot at your office (maybe the front desk) where we can easily find your jars during our deliveries.

This is not only great for the environment but we also believe that our soup tastes better out of a glass jar than soup that has been stored in plastic or metal containers.

Please do not store anything other than BP&P soup in the jars. We will sterilize the jars in our commercial kitchen and reuse them the following week.

What happens if I forget to pick up my order?

A $5.00 handling fee will be requested for picking up orders outside of the scheduled pickup time. You are still guaranteed to get your order if you contact Bean, Pea & the Pumpkin by 9 am Thursday morning, the morning following the pickup day. Please contact Kortney at 541.610.5342 or bpandthep@gmail.com.  If you do not contact Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin on Thursday at 9 am to arrange alternate plans to retrieve your order, your items may be donated. Furthermore, due to the perishable nature of the products, Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin cannot offer refunds for orders not retrieved.

Where Do You Cook Your Soups And Prepare Your Salads?

We cook our soups and prepare our salads out of a dedicated gluten free commercial kitchen off NE 1st Street in Bend.

What do I do with the reusable grocery bag that my meal is delivered in?

Just like the glass jars, please return the bag at your next pickup or delivery.  We will clean and reuse these bags for the next delivery.

Are there volunteer opportunities with Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin?

Yes!  If you are interested in helping with handout of meals at Mother’s Eastside or Westside, please contact Kortney at 541.610.5342 or bpandthep@gmail.com.  In exchange for 2-3 hours of help, you will receive a BP&P meal (soup, salad and bread)!

May I serve as a pickup location for Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin's meals?

Yes!  Bean, Pea and the Pumpkin is always looking to partner with local businesses to serve as pickup location for our customers.  As a partner, our customers will pick up their soups and salads one time per week at your business. This is a great opportunity to draw more people into your business and promote us, a local business providing healthy, wholesome food.  Please contact Kortney at 541.610.5342 or bpandthep@gmail.com.

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